You’re growing. Now what should you worry about?

Posted On August 31, 2016

Franchise Growth

As your business grows, you’ll encounter challenges that weren’t on your radar before. How you respond to them will create the foundation for ongoing change and growth as you continue to expand your brand. The decisions you make in the early stages of your franchise are critical to its future.

As a business owner, your top priority must be providing quality products and services. You need to provide easily accessible and reliable training and education to your employees and franchises on anything you want them to understand and deliver in your uniquely branded way. Procedures need to be followed and brand standards need to be put in place to make providing a uniform experience simple and clear to all. Implementing the proper field auditing solution for your organization also will help in that effort. Standard training on standard practices means customers will have a consistent experience, no matter which location they visit.

You are a growing organization. Chances are that your team is pretty small when compared to most brands we encounter on a daily basis. However, though you may still be growing, it’s important to provide your franchisees the kind of support that comes from a large franchise. This will build a foundation of trust and encourage the franchisee. Consistent systems are even more crucial at this time, because you do not have a large team to regularly monitor operations across locations.

Your early franchisees will be some of the most important in establishing your brand. They will be the first faces of your franchise, and keeping those faces smiling is a must. These first franchisees will be the people who interested buyers will go to for questions, concerns and encouragement regarding your brand. You want to be certain that they will provide positive and accurate information to those potential signees. Building an efficient way of communicating with trusted franchisees so they become your champions will help your long-term growth.

Any growing brand will face a time when it lacks the resources or manpower to run processes with consistency. You need a good system to manage practices so you can spend more time growing your franchise than managing it. It’s time to realize the significance of streamlining processes, ultimately providing you and your business with a centralized platform to consider quality, consistency and communication. 

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