4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Quality Management System

By Nabiha Balala

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Greek philosopher Aristotle is credited with saying, “Quality is not an act; it is a habit.” That goes triple when it comes to franchise management, where building consistent standards and habits (in the form of processes and procedures) can mean the difference between failure and success.

Regardless of what your business sells and who your clients are, you no doubt thrive on providing high-quality products or services. Most business owners set policies and processes and implement them through various procedures to run and grow their operations. With consistency a key ingredient of successful franchises, establishing and monitoring processes becomes even more important, and, as the number of locations increases, even more difficult.

That’s where a quality management system comes in. Here are four reasons why you need one.

  1. Protect Your Brand

With a proper quality management system – one that fits your needs and requirements – your brand will have the foundation it needs to thrive. Employees can easily follow your branding procedures. Owners can protect their brand standards by providing the same experience for all customers at every location. It has become more challenging to guard brand standards in this day and age, so be sure you are staying on top of that challenge by adopting a quality management system as soon as you identify your standards.

  1. Improve Accountability

With a quality management system in place, you can make sure both corporate and franchisees are aware of follow-ups on submitted tasks. You can send reminders for due dates in case pending requests are taking longer than originally anticipated. You also can keep track of the status of your follow-ups from the moment they have been submitted until they have been completed. With this level of accountability, you may well find that franchisees are as committed to the success of their businesses as the original entrepreneur.

  1. Ensure Compliance with Policies

It is fundamental to stay compliant with the standards and policies of your brand. One way to ensure this is through building flexible templates. Templates should so flexible that anyone who visits your location is equipped to review the store. That way, you cover all your bases and make sure all reviews are accurate.

  1. Track Trends

One of the most gratifying elements of a quality management system is the ability to track trends. You are provided with the power of secure, centralized, easily accessible data, which allows you to study specific areas of your business, identify unique selling trends and capitalize on those trends.

If the growth and expansion of your brand is a top priority, then investing in a quality management system is your first step towards success. It is crucial to regulate processes and track new trends to support your brand as it begins to gain traction. Find the best system to fit your needs and watch what happens when your employees can easily follow brand standards, track follow-ups, use flexible review templates and analyze data. The best part? Quality control leads to more successful individual locations and a stronger company overall – a win for everyone.

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