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Your franchise business is growing! Now, what should you worry about?

A well-expanding franchise business is always a good omen especially when you have a well-placed business model with each and...

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A Message To Our Customers

We, at Naranga have always  given utmost priority to our  employees and clients. Keeping the tradition alive, Naranga stands with 

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Quick ways to pivot Franchise Sales towards growth

The process of franchise sales isn’t just about closing a deal. It is more about simplifying whole of the sales process to...

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Where is Franchising today? An Analysis leading to solution

As we pass the waves of strict lockdown, majority of states in the US are opening up and looking forward to restoring their...

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Future belongs to E-commerce: Exploring new horizons

Yes! You read it right: The future belongs to e-commerce, which proves to be the next most lucrative industry amid the global...

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Tariq Farid welcomes Dmitry Simonov on board, as the new President and Chief Operating Officer

Naranga, USA’s leading franchise management software provider, appoints Dmitry Simonov as its new President and Chief Operating...

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Efficient ways to uplift Franchising Industry amid Covid-19 lockdown

From days of “do not panic” to complete lockdowns in various states: COVID-19, have affected the lives and businesses of many....

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