Little Medical School effectively manages reports from franchisees and safely stores proprietary curriculum in one place

By Naranga

Little Medical School is a learning program for kids from age 4-14 years. They offer Summer Camps, Scouting Activities, and After-School programs. The company was founded in 2010 and began franchising in 2015. Now they have 60 franchisees and keep growing. 


Brand story

The owner and CEO of Little Medical School is Dr. Mary Mason. Her parents were both physicians and they encouraged her to go out into the community and work with kids and teach them about basic health care, medicine and life-saving skills. She realized there was nothing out there for kids to help them in learn about different careers in medicine at an early age. That is when she came up her first program about Little Medical School and the business has grown ever since. 



Little Medical School


Business Challenge 

At the start as a franchise business, Little Medical School needed two things. First, they wanted to have a secure library to keep their proprietary curriculum safe and secondly, they wanted to have a place where franchisees could report their financials.



Solution from Naranga

As the company is focused on learning and education, Naranga service has provided them with the Library, Live Wall and Communications. Those features became the key modules because they helped the business to store all learning materials and communicate across all locations in one go.

The only thing would be useful to add in the system is a way to pull back the information from the franchisees who decided not to continue or did not renew the contract.




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