Establishing a Support Service Workflow With Naranga

By Naranga

Customer service is supposed to play a significant role in your infrastructure, whether you are in a startup or an international business. Naranga support team has a multifaceted approach, it includes various options to guide and help clients. Proper customer service boosts retention, reduces acquisition costs, and completes your strategy.

Sometimes there is a difference between management’s conception and what your clients find right. The support team’s goals must be connected to the business. This will help to track and discuss issues with the rest of the team. Its success relies on the retention strategy that helps to bring clients back and turn them into loyal customers. When issues appear, customer service is the first to help retain clients.

The first impression is critical. A customer support team with proactive behavior is more likely to hit higher retention and lower churn rates. If clients are unable to understand product basics, it is important to contact them. Obviously, not every company can sustain a complete call center even if a quick answer is required. Anyway, this option allows gathering feedback directly from clients and leads. A ticket system with real-time notifications is also highly valuable. In this way, a support team can answer as soon as possible to let clients know that it is ready to help.


An onboarding period is an opportunity to set up a long-lasting relationship. Consider using video for communication, demonstrations, and even training. Naranga provides a complete video guide course to explore lead management solutions. Remember, specific issues can`t be resolved instantly, some problems take weeks to deal with. Unless the problem requires developers' actions, a support representative can guide the client through the entire process by himself. For example, when you need to reset some list, it will take just a moment to complete or demonstrate this action.  

Many businesses add more client support channels, but that’s not always the answer. Just make sure your support team is synchronized with other departments. The established communication between team members can reduce the client waiting time. Is there a benefit for business owners? Let's say, they don’t waste additional time on sudden calls. Don`t know where to start? Naranga provides outsourcing customer support services, so you can focus on business growth and prevent fraudulent chargeback claims almost instantly.


Support team members can provide the information to focus on what is important, rather than what other departments think is important. All team members become more satisfied as they understand how to achieve success. Customer service goals help you make your clients happy and enhance the brand reputation. Not to mention, it can also improve efficiency throughout the entire company. 


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