FranTech 2017: Franchise Innovation at Its Finest

By Nabiha Balala

Franchise Management Software Naranga

We are so excited for the annual FranTech convention taking place today and tomorrow (October 19th - 20th)! This event is one of the long-awaited IFA (International Franchise Association) conferences of the season, allowing exhibitors, sponsors and attendees alike to collaborate, converse and educate their peers on the latest technology trends within franchising. FranTech allows people from all over the nation and beyond to come together and thrive by learning “what’s next” within the franchise industry. Our team is ready-to-go in sunny San Diego, California both days of the convention and we cannot wait to see what they will be learning throughout the next couple of days.

The FranTech agenda this year is top-notch. From breakout sessions including hot topics like, “Creating Efficiencies in the Franchise Sales Process” to “Loyalty Programs - The Data Driven Goldmine for Marketing & Franchise Sales” to “Technology and Innovation in Franchise Development” and much more.

This year we are pleased to note that our very own VP of Technology Solutions and Delivery, Faraz Iqbal, will be moderating the highly anticipated panel discussion on, “Assessing & Upgrading Technology? Where to Start.” This panel will cover the following key points:

  • Questions to ask and how to decide what are the right moves
  • Who to include in decision making and how to integrate perspectives
  • Realistic budgets and ROI
  • Ensuring technology scales with growth
  • Outsourced technology – when to buy vs. build

The speakers on this panel include Mark Sweetnam, Director, Branding & Technology, Fish Window Cleaning Services, Inc.; Louie Picazo, CFE, VP, Franchise Development, Toro Taxes; and Catherine Deano, CFE, Owner, Painting with a Twist, LLC.

In addition to Faraz Iqbal of Naranga moderating the “Assessing & Upgrading Technology? Where to Start.” panel, our very own Director of Franchise Relations, Marcia Mead, is also facilitating an informative roundtable discussion. The topic here is “How to Use Technology to Drive Unit-Level Economics.”

FranTech 2017 will be a successful event for all attendees and exhibitors involved. It is expected to provide people with ample networking sessions along with informative speeches, presentations and roundtable discussions. There is no other conference quite like it when it comes to focusing on digital marketing, technology and its latest trends within the franchise industry. If you aren’t able to make it this year, we hope to see you there in 2018.

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