How New Franchises Can Capitalize on Technology

By Nabiha Balala

When first establishing their presence, emerging brands experience some of the most exciting times a company can go through. But when it comes to day-to-day necessities and resources available, emerging brands differ greatly from their established counterparts.

As a franchise solutions provider, we at Naranga have noticed a particular trend around the increased awareness and early adoption of software solutions for emerging brandsHistorically, many brands would manage disparate systems, including spreadsheets, internal databases, cloud storage and multiple vendors, to meet their needs. Often that would lead to the development of costly internal solutions and intranet systems. Today, emerging brands have become increasingly more attracted to robust technology and the solutions that it can provide their businesses, far before having the resources to build their own.

Instead of companies waiting until their systems break down and can’t feasibly manage all their solutions, many companies are proactively looking for an all-encompassing platform. Those organizations are setting up a foundation for their brands to grow with scalable solutions and avoid headaches later on. Intelligently equipping their brands, employees and franchisees with tools to grow with efficiency is a progressive approach for businesses.

With the use of those best-in-class franchise solutions, brands are able to do more with the resources that they have at the time. They are able to more efficiently manage information, communicate with their franchise network, ensure consistency and expand their footprint. Because of this increased efficiency, teams can remain smaller for longer without sacrificing the quality experience that franchisees deserve. A great franchise solution allows you to focus on growing your business, rather than simply running your business.

Saving your team and organization from learning new systems or struggling with aging technologies can be a huge win. Some organizations think they need to drag on in a certain way until the only way out is to replace a system and start again. When something as crucial as central operations management is treated that way, it hinders business growth. Companies have to pause growth efforts or, even worse, regress. When your purpose is to grow your brand, the last thing you need to do is go backwards.

By focusing on seamless, centralized operations from the start, emerging brands are setting themselves up to grow rapid-fire. They’re doing all that’s possible to proactively avoid setbacks and allow for scalable growth from the get-go. Building the right foundation is the first and biggest step, and younger brands are beginning to understand that. As a leading franchise management software provider in the industry, we’re excited to see this trend and expect it to continue exponentially.

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