How the Tech Circle of Life Connects Your Business

Posted On February 01, 2017

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For instance, how do you go about buying cable and internet services for yourself? In the past, those purchases would require a unique plan from different suppliers. Now, providers bundle those and other services and price competitively so you can get them from a one-stop shop.

Software services shouldn’t operate any differently, including those for franchises. Naranga provides an all-encompassing platform for your business, from finding the right leads all the way to managing operations and selling to a global marketplace.

Lead Management

Capture, qualify and convert more leads into sales with emaximation.

  • Automate every step of the sales cycle
  • Track and manage all of your prospects in real-time, streamline lead flow
  • Connect leads to email campaigns or other digital marketing efforts tailored to prospect interests
  • Reduce sales costs
  • Increase conversion rates

 Central Operations Management

 Onboard new locations in a step-by-step approach and ensure compliance and engagement of all locations with ncompass.

  • Develop, manage and support your complete multi-location network
  • Efficiently engage and reconnect with your entire team
  • Change reactive decisions into proactive ones in real-time

 Online Training

 Ensure consistent operations across all locations with nspire.

  • Provide easy-to-use video and visual technologies
  • Instantly record, upload and distribute training videos to your team
  • Track effectiveness of your training using tests and usage reports


Offer online retail sales with mobile-friendly shopping with clementine.

  • Build engaging layouts for your products that include effective customer CTAs
  • Automate your online sales with mobile-friendly shopping and checkout pages
  • Integrate with fulfillment partners to endure fast, seamless ordering experiences for customers

Brand Standards & Field Audits

Ensure quality, compliance and consistency at every location with nsight.

  • Gain direct insight into your locations’ brand performance
  • Create and control QAR surveys to update and score locations in real-time
  • Track brand inconsistencies and immediately push out to correct them

Offering all solutions under one roof, as one source of truth, allows for a unified approach to business growth. When a software solutions provider understands how difficult it is to successfully manage and grow a multi-unit location franchise business, and then applies personal experience to create a suite that will scale and flex with your brand, you have to appreciate that level of passion.

The Naranga suite is a tried-and-true platform that scaled a leading franchise brand from one to more than 1400 locations. Educate yourself on the possibilities it offers and take advantage of a dynamic enterprise platform. Why hold your brand back from growing seamlessly?

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