How to Choose Franchise Operations Software

By Nabiha Balala

Franchise Operations Software

Running your business is already full of tough decisions – hiring the right employees, choosing the best vendors, finding the prime location and much more.

It’s even more challenging to run a franchise organization without proper franchise operations software in place. The goal of a franchise operations software solution is to balance integrity across the organization, acting as one source of truth to manage the needs and growth of your brand. One decision that should not be difficult to make is choosing the best solution to seamlessly manage your business.

Here is what a growing franchise brand should look for in an operations software provider and why each component is crucial.

1. Mobile Accessibility
How easily accessible is the solution?

Are you able to use a fully functional piece of software on your mobile device, and will it operate just as efficiently as the same software that has been downloaded onto your desktop computer?

Can your franchisees also access this software as easily, so they can stay continuously connected with you? 

With a growing business, you need to be able to depend on your operations platform at all times. It should never differ in reliability, regardless whether you are working on your desktop at your office in Chicago or remotely from your mobile phone while on vacation halfway across the world. You need to be able to operate your business from the palm of your hands when needed. Your franchisees need to have this same level reliability as well.

2. Scalability
Can your software solution handle more business?

Scalability is key. As your organization continues to expand, you should trust that your solution can maintain and assist your growth. If you are an emerging franchisor projected to grow from 5 to 35 locations by the end of the fiscal year, or if you are an established brand with 500 locations and projected to open 1,000 more in the same time frame, you need to be able to depend on your platform to support you along the way. Your operations solution should only become more valuable to you with each new location.

3. Resources Needed
If you’ve succumbed to the allure of an internally built solution, how demanding is it of your paid resources?

Companies expend an enormous amount of time and effort building and maintaining a solution with regular software and security updates. As a software user, you need to know that your solution will improve with time and not stagnate because of reluctance to go beyond a onetime building cost.  

4. Partner vs. Provider
Can your software provider help you grow?

When choosing the best software supplier, consider if you want a provider or a partner. A provider will do the basics you’ve paid for and will function purely as an operations tool. A partner will be able to help you grow by offering additional solutions when needed on the platform you’re already using. For example, as you grow you may need an integrated solution that includes field auditing, training and more.

5. Franchisee Engagement
Are you able to easily stay in touch with your team and franchisees or get information when you need it?

Look for a solution that allows you to effectively communicate with your franchisees. Your franchisees should also be able to communicate with you just as easily. This creates a level of comfort and trust between the two parties and further supports you.

Accessibility, scalability, resources, relationships and engagement are a few of the most important things to consider when choosing franchise operations software. When the proper processes are put into place, your business will have a foundation that will allow for significant growth and success.

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