Is your website good enough to attract franchisees?

By Naranga

Developing a franchise without a website means losing more than 50% of potential franchisees. 

Potential partners choose a franchisor based on the analysis from various sources. The most accessible and popular source is the Internet. Having your website to promote your franchise business puts you on the path to success. We hope you already have a franchise website, and in this article, we will tell you what it should include and how the website’s content can be improved.


Does your business website display information about the franchise? 

information about franchise

An effectiveness of a brand, goods, or service is measured by market dominance. Naranga gives you more time to focus on the brand while your franchise is growing. We help you acquire new franchisees to open new locations while you take care of the quality and market dominance.  Improve and scale your business with lead generation services, advertising content production, and deep analytics. 


Speak about your franchise in facts and numbers 

facts and numbers

The franchise website should present information about franchise opportunities at your company. You can divide this information into two blocks: information about the franchise and information about your business. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential franchisee and ask yourself questions they might have. 

What information would the franchisee be interested in: 

  • Information regarding the total investment. 
  • What is the payback period for a franchise? 
  • What is the lump-sum payment? 
  • What about possible profit? 
  • What support does the franchisor offer? 

Another important area to be covered is information about your business. Tell the franchisees why they should choose your business and not another: 

  • Benefits of your franchise 
  • Prospects and opportunities for growth and development. 
  • How long have you been working? 
  • How many franchisees do you have? 
  • Company contact details (phone number, email, socials). 
  • Link to your website. 
  • Information about your customers and their feedback about your business.


Don’t forget about the Call to action  

call to action

Call to action or a CTA button is an important part of every website. After all, the main task is to get the contact details of the lead. In the future, you will manage all leads in your CRM system. 

The CTA button encourages prospects to leave their contact details. If the lead is interested in your franchise and doesn’t see an option to let you know about his interest, he will just leave your website. A call to action can be a button that leads to a feedback form. The quicker the user finds out how to contact you, the faster he talks to a sales representative. What can you do for the customer to leave his contacts? On this further. 


Do not give answers to all questions at once


Let the client contact you for clarification on some points. If a person is interested in the offer, he might want to learn more. You can request their contact details in exchange for more information. What can be sent as additional information? 

  • a presentation of your franchise; 
  • premises or franchisee requirements; 
  • a financial model. 

Add audio or video content, it resonates well.


5 tips from Naranga team to improve your franchise website

tips from naranga team

It’s not our first year in a franchise business, that’s why we know which solutions work and which do not. With rich experience in this field, we would like to share some general tips, which could help you create a better website: 

  • Less text, more value. No need to tell a long story, visitors are interested in more important information – how much they will earn and why you are better than the rest. 
  • Underline the pain. Each sentence or phrase on the website should have its own purpose. They should emphasize the advantages of the franchise and cover the “pain" of the potential franchisees. 
  • Don’t use templates. Each field is individual, so you should make sure that the website will be developed from scratch and specifically for your franchise. 
  • Pay attention to design. Text is important, but design complements the text data and makes it easier to read. A graphic appeal will make it easier for the visitor to understand the message and take the targeted action. 
  • Contact Naranga's professional team for all the support you need.  

Instead of a conclusion 

To make it easy to create the perfect website, go for Naranga. We have assembled a team of specialists who will immerse themselves in your business and create a franchise selling website. Let us know if you need more details.

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