Leverage Texting to Engage After Hour Leads

By Nabiha Balala

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Are you a busy franchisor that has been working around the clock? While you continuously execute on your goals, do you feel like there is one goal that is not being hit – not because you aren’t actively thinking of it but because you don’t have the time? If this goal is franchise growth, then let us share a simple way that this too can become a regular accomplishment when using the right strategy. 

Auto Text Reply

Wondering how you can increase conversations with after hour leads? Let us help you grow your brand by using the type of communication your future franchisees prefer. It’s essential for you to exist where your customers do – on mobile devices. Customers are up to 5x more likely to respond to you via text message than if you were to reach out to them using other actions like email or phone. But let’s be real – this should not be too surprising; we live in a world where we receive far too many spam unknown calls and bogus emails. So, avoid the risk of being ignored and instead, be direct. Send the text and allow the conversation to occur by choice.

After Hour Leads

What we’ve learned from studies is that the best way to first initiate a connection with a potential buyer, outside of an in-person meeting, is through a text message.

Many business professionals seeking to open a franchise location may currently have other full-time commitments. This means, although they are interested and eager to learn about the best brand for them, they may not be able to do so during the usual “9-5.” Many people will come home after a long day of work – to start their so-called part-time job of finding their next big gig. These leads will likely submit a request to learn more about your franchise brands after the majority of your corporate team has gone home.

By implementing the benefits of auto-text reply, your hot leads aren’t being ignored, nor do they feel disengaged and have to wait another 24 hours before they get a live response. With auto-text reply, you instantly engage with them and continue the conversation, and hey, maybe it’ll turn into a deal!

Let’s make sure you are quickly capturing, cultivating and on-boarding new franchisees. And imagine, after you’ve on-boarded a new franchisee you’re able to guide them to use the best franchise management software to streamline their overall processes. Here’s to your continued success!

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