August 24, 2016

Running your business is already full of tough decisions – hiring the right employees, choosing the best vendors, finding the prime location and much more.

It’s even more challenging to run a franchise organization without proper franchise operations software in place. The goal of a franchise operations software solution is to balance integrity across the organization, acting as one source of truth to manage the needs and growth of your brand. One decision that should not be difficult to make is choosing the best solution to seamlessly manage your business.

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August 17, 2016

Your brand is growing and so are your franchise locations. That’s great news.

At the same time, your operations are getting a little disjointed and disorganized. That’s not so great, especially when franchises thrive on quality and consistency.

But more locations and operations often cause growing pains. The question is, how are you managing them? With Excel spreadsheets and other homegrown solutions? Here are five signs that you’re getting large enough to consider moving to a central platform that gives you a 360-degree view of your business.

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May 04, 2016

Atlanta, April 20, 2016 - Naranga Provides a Nebraska-Based Client with Franchise Operations Management Software Tools to Efficiently Manage Growth and Development

Sam & Louie’s, the Italian restaurant and pizzeria franchise based out of Omaha, Nebraska, continues to quickly grow its brand. As it has expanded out of Nebraska into numerous surrounding states, it has been imperative for Sam & Louie’s to find the right franchise operations management software to efficiently and effectively manage their business needs. Looking to streamline their operations, they have been able to benefit from Naranga’s eMaximation solution. eMaximation has been able to thoroughly support its communications structure, provide a housing area for all franchise opportunity applications and franchise disclosure documents (FDD), all in an easy accessible and manageable platform.

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April 05, 2016

1. Define your brand and set guidelines.

As a franchisee enters a new franchise system, educating them on the brand, brand standards and voice is extremely important.  From development to opening and beyond, the franchisee is responsible for how customers perceive the brand on a local level, including customer service, cleanliness and overall brand appeal. By establishing brand requirements up front, it helps the franchisee to be accountable for delivering on those brand values.

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December 09, 2015

ATLANTA, Dec. 9, 2015 — Hackensack, New Jersey-based Executive Care™ has selected the ncompass™ software solution by Naranga™ to support its franchise expansion throughout the United States.

Executive Care is a noteworthy and remarkable in-home care services organization specializing in customized caring by proficiently identifying specific needs for each particular client. Upon identifying these essential needs, registered nurses perform preliminary assessments, make periodic visits, and observe progress to assure client satisfaction.

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November 11, 2015

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November 05, 2015

ATLANTA, Oct. 14, 2015 BrainFit Studio by Global Franchise Masters™, the distinctive and extraordinary brain fitness training center for children, has chosen Naranga™ to provide software solutions to support existing locations and drive expansion.

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October 21, 2015

ATLANTA, Oct. 21, 2015 — Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar, the rapidly expanding franchise recently selected America’s Next Top Restaurant Franchise, has chosen Naranga to provide software solutions needed to drive and manage the chain’s franchise growth.

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