Special offer from Naranga: 5 things you were asking about

By Naranga

We are happy to welcome all our new clients who joined Naranga in December. Those are lucky franchises who will use our system for free during the first 3 months and save on their budgets in 2021 with special pricing.  

If you are reading this right now, you have few days left to benefit from our special offer.   

We also understand you might have additional questions about the service and the offer itself. We took care of that and prepared a little FAQ. Check it below.


🧐 Are there any limitations on the first 3 months of free usage?

No, you get the full version of the system for three months.

🤨 What about the pricing after 3 months?  

After these 3 months we will put you on a special discounted price with 75% off for the whole 2021. Special pricing includes Operations management solution for only $20/location and Lead management system for only $50/user. Also, you will get the field auditing and online training systems for franchisees as a bonus. 

🤔 Is there some training material on how to use the system?

You will be trained by our client success team and they will explain how to set the system, how to use it as well as take care of the integration of the other tools that you are using.  

🤓 Do you have some test accounts for us to try before signing the proposal?

Yes, we can provide you with the test account and you can try the system before setting it up.  

🤑 So when do we need to pay?

Payment period starts from the 4th month of using the system. You use our system for free during the first three months and then we will send you a reminder with paying details.  

See, there is nothing hidden in our rules. Switch to Naranga in December and upgrade your franchise for 2021.  

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