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A Message To Our Customers

We, at Naranga have always  given utmost priority to our  employees and clients. Keeping the tradition alive, Naranga stands...

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Streamlined communication is the new black!

Did you know that 97 percent of employees believe that communication impacts the quality and performance of tasks?


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Leverage Texting to Engage After Hour Leads

Are you a busy franchisor that has been working around the clock? While you continuously execute on your goals, do you feel...

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How New Franchises Can Capitalize on Technology

When first establishing their presence, emerging brands experience some of the most exciting times a company can go through....

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Multi-Unit Franchising Conference 2019

We’re headed to Vegas, yet again! This time, for another kind of franchise convention, the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference,...

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See Your Franchise The Way Your Customer Does

Mystery shoppers, or, as some call them, secret shoppers, are the subject of much anticipation and preparation by franchise...

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Common Traits of Strong Franchise Brands

In today’s time, many brands are striving for globalization. It has quickly become the ultimate test of business success and...

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Why Should Franchisees Outsource Their Accounting

A business tip often overlooked by overworked, distracted franchisees is outsourcing their non-core operations, because often...

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Using Data to Ensure Franchise Compliance

As a franchisor, how easy is it for you to access your company information? Are you among the many who are still managing...

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5 Components to Consider with Franchise Operations Software

Running your business is already full of tough decisions – hiring the right employees, partnering with the best vendors,...

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