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Is your website good enough to attract franchisees?

Developing a franchise without a website means losing more than 50% of potential franchisees.

Potential partners choose a...

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New Year's Resolution - Software to Grow Your Franchise

Start off this New Year right! Your brand is growing and so are your franchise locations. That’s great news.

At the same time,...

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Off the Shelf Solution or Custom Built?

Franchise brands across various industries, often hit a time where the information they need to manage becomes greater than the...

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The State of POS Systems in 2018

Many of you probably already know what a POS system is, but just in case you need a refresher, these are what’s known as “Point...

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What A Dog Taught Me About Bridging Generational Perspectives

My parents recently visited my sister and her family to help them move. After a long day’s work, they were exhausted and ready...

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Using Software to Manage and Measure Necessary Processes

Now that your franchise brand’s development program has established how to attract and qualify candidates, you will need to...

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How to Qualify and Convert Franchise Candidates?

As you begin to create a development program for your franchise brand, you will focus on many critical pieces of your program...

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