Global Franchise Masters™ BrainFit Studio chooses ncompass™ and nspire™ Software Solutions by Naranga™

By Nabiha Balala

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ATLANTA, Oct. 14, 2015 BrainFit Studio by Global Franchise Masters™, the distinctive and extraordinary brain fitness training center for children, has chosen Naranga™ to provide software solutions to support existing locations and drive expansion.

BrainFit specializes in a training different from most fitness centers by strongly focusing on brain training. Headquartered in Singapore, BrainFit will use ncompass to manage eight of their locations. Global locations where BrainFit will be using ncompass include Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.  Ncompass will provide BrainFit with enterprise operations management with fully integrated processes.

Along with the implementation of ncompass, BrainFit has also selected nspire to support their locations. Nspire, integrated with ncompass, will effectively provide BrainFit employees with comprehensive integrated e-Learning & training.  Together, ncompass and nspire will equip these eight international locations with the appropriate tools and processes to drive BrainFit's overall expansion.

The ncompass platform creates operational efficiencies and economies of scale for franchising systems managing their business across multiple locations – from concept to cash.  Customers can leverage centralized information management with integrated business processes including site buildout, centralized document management, day to day marketing execution, financial accounting, compliance, vendor management, integrated procurement and more. Businesses take advantage of ncompass to collapse time to revenue, increase system-wide margins while controlling their overall business costs. Nspire provides businesses with a centralized, real-time e-Learning solution for their locations including team training or individualized curriculums leveraging a mobile platform.  Customers can increase their revenue's by providing customizable training at the right place at the right time in the field while reducing their costs due to employee turnover or rapid rollout of new products across their business.

"Over the past few years, BrainFit has rapidly been growing internationally," said BrainFit CFE Harish Babla. "With our emerging brand, it is crucial to have as many processes automated and in control. By implementing ncompass and nspire we can rely on Naranga's technology to manage growth and training, while we continue to focus on our amazing brand and what's next to come from our end."

"We are very pleased to announce our partnership with BrainFit by Global Franchise Masters," said Naranga President Greg Berman. "BrainFit is an emerging international brand providing a very unique style of children's brain training. We look forward to having our technology assisting BrainFit's success and are excited to see ncompass and nspire positively impact their business."

About BrainFit

BrainFit Studio ( headquartered in Singapore provides brain fitness training for children between the ages of 4-18 years, giving them an advantage by making their brain 'fitter.' Using the latest in neuro-scientific principles to strengthen the different areas of the brain so a student learns to focus longer, think faster, remember more and be more motivated whereby unleashing their full potential to be a scholar, and athlete or an artist. Amazing satisfaction is achieved in helping others achieve their full potential and gain an advantage in life.

About Naranga

Naranga is a 'mobile-first' software solutions company focused on the franchise, retail and hospitality verticals. From converting leads to managing enterprise to providing next generation B2C direct marketing, Naranga's disruptive solutions provide measurable business benefits to customers.  Naranga customers are equipped to manage, measure and maintain consistency across all their business while on-the-go.

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