Naranga Predicts Franchise And Retail Trends For 2016 [See Infographic]

By Nabiha Balala

Franchise Trends


ATLANTA, Nov. 11, 2015 — From the harnessing of Big Data to increased spending on analytics to leveraging the Internet of Things, a growing reliance on information produced by emerging technologies will continue to modify the way franchise and retail companies run their businesses.

Based on analysis of information from a variety of sources, Naranga has identified what it expects to be 2016’s “Top 5 Trends To Watch For” in the areas of franchising and retailing, which has been compiled into the vibrant infographic displayed above.

“The coming year promises to be one in which businesses will have access to more data from more sources than ever before,” said Naranga’s Nabiha Balala. “The companies that are able to clearly analyze and fully understand this vast amount of data will have the ultimate competitive advantage.”

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