Franchise Operations Management Software from Naranga Integral to Pizza Franchise Growth

By Nabiha Balala


Atlanta, April 20, 2016 - Naranga Provides a Nebraska-Based Client with Franchise Operations Management Software Tools to Efficiently Manage Growth and Development

Sam & Louie’s, the Italian restaurant and pizzeria franchise based out of Omaha, Nebraska, continues to quickly grow its brand. As it has expanded out of Nebraska into numerous surrounding states, it has been imperative for Sam & Louie’s to find the right franchise operations management software to efficiently and effectively manage their business needs. Looking to streamline their operations, they have been able to benefit from Naranga’s eMaximation solution. eMaximation has been able to thoroughly support its communications structure, provide a housing area for all franchise opportunity applications and franchise disclosure documents (FDD), all in an easy accessible and manageable platform.

When Michael Nolan, Director of Franchising at Sam & Louie’s, was asked how Naranga has helped him and his organization, here is what he had to share –

“I honestly don't know how I did my job before Naranga. The tools they provide have made my job much more organized and easier to follow up with all my leads. From the drip campaigns, to the Opportunity Center, online Franchise Application and FDD access are invaluable. Any time I need to make updates or changes they have taken care of me very quickly. The only downside is that my competitors can work with Naranga too!”

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