Steamoji Grows Business by Using Naranga Software and Develops a Successful Education Academy For Kids

By Naranga

Steamoji is a maker academy for kids with 9 locations across Canada and the US. This franchise helps to train future makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. STEAM subjects prepare children for the careers of their future, while schools focused on traditional studies.


Brand story and introduction

Steamoji was founded by Hank Horkoff after reviewing current STEAM education possibilities and the potential of modern technologies. As an entrepreneur himself, he recruited a talented group of people to bring Steamoji to life. Mikhail Baiman, the Development Vice President, was one of them. All together they`ve created the space to get children excited and nurture that interest.

Steamoji has a 400-hour Build to Solve™ curriculum which is designed to fill the gap in a structured and reinforcing fashion across different subjects. There are different stages of interaction. First, apprentices must watch short guide videos to obtain the basic information. This process is supported by facilitators to avoid any misunderstandings. Second, they pass practical training to secure and improve gained knowledge.

All the lessons are conducted in a safe environment due to COVID-19 physical-distancing requirements. Steamoji is focused on a mix of hard and soft STEM skills to build a solid foundation for children to become innovators.


How Naranga helps Steamoji to establish management processes

The main objective for any franchise is to grow. Steamoji has plans to expand up to 100 locations in the nearest future. Scaling is not what you can do with no proper lead management and analysis. In this case, the most useful tool to create a single franchise network is a lead management solution from Naranga. Sales insights, lead parsing, email nurturing, real-time notifications, tracking and analysis are gathered under one roof.

Naranga helps Steamoji to develop and maintain their lead management, so each location becomes a part of a single ecosystem. Thus, a company can manage all the information in one place and improves to reach 100 locations in North America.



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