Streamlined communication is a new black: 7 tips to improve it for franchise business

By Naranga

We are living in a digital world where people prefer connecting over digital platforms and chatting applications are more accessible than a next-door neighbor. Brands and individuals find it easier to connect with their clients and colleagues over social platforms, so does franchise business.   

Effective communication plays a prominent role in all facets of a business. It is responsible for building and strengthening corporate relationships. At the same time, daily using multiple communication apps and systems may proliferate stress. To avoid it in your franchise business, you should consider reducing the number of channels you’re going to communicate with your franchisees.   

This is where streamlined communication takes effect. It implies fewer errors or delays and helps you to eliminate unnecessary data and engage in relevant ones. No worries if you haven’t streamlined your communication yet. We at Naranga are here for you and will gladly provide you with some tips. Check out ways to streamline your communication fast and smoothly in this article. 


Important basics: proper internet connection

Proper internet connection

It might seem obvious but having a strong internet connection helps you to implement specific tools for streamlined communication. Make sure your employees can communicate immediately through emails, chat, or VoIP system.  

No one wants to hold their tasks on pause while waiting for files to be sent. Luckily there are a lot of fast options at an affordable price. That will be your first step in streamlining communication.


Being on the same page: a company glossary

A company glossary

Clear communication is a must when we speak about a company’s success. Things you tend to use every day might confuse new hires or new franchisees. Creating a company glossary helps you to avoid unclear terms and keep everyone on the same page.   

Decide for yourself about the way of its looking and keep it shared among your employees. A company glossary must contain all the terms and abbreviations relevant to your industry. Make sure to add internal “tricky words” that are used in your company only. It allows your employees to fall back on it every time they stumble on a new word and avoid misunderstandings.   

Regardless of the industry, try to keep your company glossary jargon-free. It is always easier to maintain simpler communication.   


Shoulder to shoulder: provide regular updates 

Regular updates

To feel connected and engaged, your employees/franchisees/clients need more communication. Especially now, with all the challenges brought by 2020 for business. You need to make sure everyone in your company feels their value, contribution, and satisfaction from being a team member.   

Keep your franchisees up to date with the company information or easily schedule important announcements via Naranga Live Wall. Our tool for franchise operations is created to help you in streamlining your communication.  


Clarity with requests: assign a point person

Point person

Do you have a knowledgeable person to organize incoming messages? It’s important to have somebody to sort them out to not get lost in a variety of requests. Assign a point person to be in the loop of every message depending on the project. It can be a department head or a project manager.   

Account-based communication is a helpful tool for streamlining the processes. Check out Naranga’s business process outsource feature to see how it might look like for your business.


Optimized for efficiency: choose a communication tool

Communication tool

Switch to using short instant messages in a corporate chat instead of emails or multiple communication tools. Let your employees reach a person they need to talk to any time. Corporate communication tool prioritizes speed and teamwork (group chats) over individual communication. It is fast and easy to use.    

If your goal is one-on-one communication with your franchisees within one system, we recommend you to try Naranga’s instant messaging service. Ensure streamlined communication in your company through faster message sending, voice notes, or videos. Share documents and easily label confidential information.


Fast and convenient: store and share files in one place

Store files in one place

Sending small files via email might work but every now and then you need to look for a way to send a large file or a large number of documents in one message. Think about a secure space for storing and sharing your corporate data before it gets tricky.   

You don’t have to look around for too long. Naranga has exactly what you need. Our franchise operations software includes a feature to store all key documents and location statuses in one place.


Smart management: one dashboard for all the projects  

One dashboard for all projects

A shared dashboard is one more important item in streamlined communication. No need to track task progress separately, each person on the project can manage their tasks simultaneously. Set deadlines, leave comments, and collect the information in one place.   

For a franchise business, such a dashboard is useful for lead management. Attract potential franchisees and convert them into sales seamlessly with a special lead management tool from Naranga. Set a proper sales funnel and don’t let your franchisee slip through the cracks again.

Whatever tip you use (or all of them), it will help you to build consistent service for your customers and franchisees. Streamlined communication brings your employees more time for important tasks and growing the company. It allows you, as a franchise owner, to analyze problem areas and focus on improving your business. 

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