Incredible Edible: +54% online sales increase thanks to E-commerce website

By Naranga

3 questions to Tariq Farid, Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements

The pandemic is still in place. Will the upcoming year be any easier for businesses?

A lot of us put extra expectations on the 2021. So did we at Edible Arrangements. At the same time, we are grateful to 2020th for the challenges and new horizons we were able to see. I can’t say we haven’t experienced the lows brought on by last year, but we have achieved some of the highest of highs, including sales numbers like we’ve never seen in 21 years of business.  

Just a year ago, in February 2020, I thought about our offline stores as something robust and strong, as a sales foundation. I was convinced that retail was unbeaten. Today I'm glad to be on the E-commerce side, because with technology comes opportunity.   


What do you mean by the highest of highs?  

With the help of every member in our incredible team we managed to adapt ourselves for the pandemic and to take the best out of it. We’ve put all the efforts into upgrading our website and it paid off after all. Last year showed us that online presence is a huge lifeline for any franchise business and it helped us to hit $600 million in sales numbers.   
The whole world is moving towards the online purchase and if you are not there – you are losing. It doesn’t matter if you sell goods or services. Allow your customers to get them online through your website. A proper E-commerce website must not only take your order but also must walk the client through all the stages including online payment and distribution across your franchisees.   


Your advice to franchise owners who want to develop their business would be...  

Grow your online presence. The usual world has changed and now we live in a “services world”. Your clients are online, so your main task is to get them there. Forget about one-pager and think about E-commerce website. It has become a huge sales instrument. Remember – your website should sell your products or services.  

A permanent objective for my franchise business (and yours too I suppose) is to extend it and acquire new franchisees. Knowing how to sell online makes you more attractive to your partners.    

An E-commerce website is a basis for your digital marketing activities. If your website can’t process orders, you simply drain the budget. 

To save your time I’ll give you a start point. E-commerce website for Edible Arrangements was upgraded by Naranga team. Mostly known as a franchise software developer, Naranga offers web services for franchise business. It doesn’t matter if you need an E-commerce website from scratch or have an existing one. Start with the audit to see your prospects. 
Check here to get more details and good luck on your way to the next level of business success.

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