How Mobile Can Improve Franchise Operations

By Nabiha Balala

Mobile for franchisesInstant gratification: that’s what our culture is all about. Consumers no longer need to patiently wait for their desired goods or services.

If you’re hungry and are craving your favorite Pad Thai from the restaurant 15 minutes away, you can log in to your Postmates mobile app, submit your order and have it delivered to you as soon as possible. Looking for a ride? Make a request on your Uber mobile app and you will have someone at your service quicker than you could imagine.

Our daily tasks are initiated and monitored from the palms of our hands. Why would running a business work any differently from what we as a society are most comfortable with? As a business owner, if you aren’t thinking mobile first, then you are falling behind. In an era where all things are technology and convenience-focused, mobile options are how you stay relevant.

A mobile-centric approach can allow you to get the most from your employees, who can be provided with the ability to work from anywhere in the world, from any device – endless accessibility. This allows for seamless communication both upwards and downwards within your organization. And if employees are able to do their jobs while in the field, they can stay on top of their work and limit mistakes.

Mobile software options, like our centralized operations management solutions and our field auditing/brand standards solutions, provide businesses with better video content management capabilities. For example, clients who use our field auditing/brand standards solution are focused on providing a universal experience to customers across all locations. They are able to do this successfully because auditors are able to capture or film a great example of what a layout should look like from their mobile devices, and share with locations that need assistance. Locations can be trained and up to speed quickly when software solutions are on-the-go.

Increase your revenue while increasing productivity: it’s a win-win situation. Mobile accessibility drastically simplifies your business operations and is the only way to run your business today. Easy, on-the-go, convenient, advanced are just a few ways to describe the positive impact of mobile on your business. Simplified operations management with a greater chance of increased revenue and increased productivity, all from a mobile device? What’s not to love?

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